GOLI at Nick's

Chamber music for the new era!

I was classically trained, and spent most of my youth playing orchestral percussion instruments, considering a career in classical music. Then through sheer magic I ended up at Berklee College of Music. Met the right people and changed my career direction completely.





Bulgarian folk drum called Tupan

Today, I mostly play the amazing Marimba Lumina – a MIDI controller with unbelievable capabilities of expression. It’s a whole new beast of an instrument, and although I do get to use some of the technique I grew up with, it has opened a few new worlds of musical possibilities for me.

My two main projects – Bury Me Standing and Goli – both lend themselves to the magic that is the Marimba Lumina.

I also love to play the tupan – a mighty Bulgarian folk drum.





My alter ego

I have a not-so-secret passion for certain wood instruments (not all of them considered cool). Gypsy clarinet and melodica are on top of that list. I simply LOVE them. So I started to learn how to play them. And although it may be a bit presumptuous to include them in my “performer” page, I feel that I kind of need to, because they make me truly happy.





This is a picture of my clarinet given to me as a birthday present by my husband. I consider that an undeniable sign of true love.

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