Bury Me Standing

A ragtag collective of virtuostic musicians led by Nate Greenslit (of HUMANWINE) and Vessela Stoyanova (of Goli ), Bury Me Standing describes itself as Gypsy Dirge-Core, a strange intertwining of Balkan folksong, art metal, and psychedelic avant-pop, whose songs meditate on wars within and without. Their core instrumentation is singularly unique, including digital marimba, found-object percussion, prepared upright bass, and haunting, Bulgarian-inflected vocals. Their formidable roster of collaborating musicians varies from show to show.



-Vessela Stoyanova and Valerie Thompson

-chamber music for the modern era.

-a duo of misfit classical musicians with an appetite for world music that has cut its teeth in rock bands, world folk ensembles, symphony orchestras and the occasional free improv outlet.

-wrestling with the universal subjects of death and getting laid while playing the cello and marimba.

-madly in love with tango, Bartok, and goat cheese.

-waiting to make music for you.

-more naked than naked when they wear all their clothes.


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